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Professional Language Services

Translation Today Network interpreters and translators enable the cross-cultural communication necessary in today’s society by converting one language into another. They do more than simply translate words—they relay concepts and ideas between languages. This requires a thorough understanding of the subject matter in which they work in order to accurately convert information from one language into another.  Also, they must be sensitive to the cultures associated with their languages of expertise.

Although some of our language professionals do both, interpretation and translation are different professions. Interpreters deal with spoken words; translators, with written words.

Translation Today Network consists of a large group of professional interpreters and translators (representing over 65 languages) located in the Chicago area and northern Illinois. We carefully screen our interpreter/translators’ language ability, educational achievements, and professional experience to provide quality face-to-face interpreting, written translating, and other language services in legal, medical, corporate and other environments. 

With over seven years of experience in the language service business, Translation Today has a proven track record of understanding the needs of our customers, and utilizing our language professional resources to meet those needs. 





Translation Today Interpreters convert one spoken or signed language into another. They pay attention carefully, understand what is communicated in both languages, and express these thoughts and ideas clearly and objectively.
Translation Today Translators convert written materials from one language into another. They have excellent writing skills, editing skills and analytical ability. Their finished product reflects the content and style of the original document flawlessly.
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