Translation Today Network
Chicago area professional interpreting and translating agency

Translation Today Network consists of a large group of professional interpreters and translators located in northeastern Illinois. We carefully screen our interpreter/translators’ language ability, educational achievements, and professional experience to provide quality face-to-face interpreting, written translating, and other language services in legal, medical, governmental, educational, corporate and other environments. 

With over seven years of experience in the language service business, Translation Today Network has a proven track record of understanding the needs of our customers and utilizing our language professionals to meet those needs.

Translation Today’s
face-to-face interpreting services are billed at an hourly rate based on the language.  We charge for interpreting and travel time (rounded to the nearest quarter hour), and have a minimum 2-hour order in most circumstances.  Additional charges include mileage and may include parking or other transportation related costs.  A surcharge may be applied to rush orders and cancellation fees may apply. 
Please contact us for a quotation.    

Translation Today’s written translation services are billed on a per word basis.  Rates vary by language and level of technicality.  Proofreading and editing are included, but may be billed additionally in special circumstances.  We have a standard $50 minimum translation order.  Document translation is quoted upon request.  You may submit documents for quote to:

Phone: 630-606-0605











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